Turkana county in northern Kenya is a dynamic and rapidly changing place, which despite having a long history of state neglect, under-development and socio-economic marginalization has major potential for sustainable and beneficial use of renewable energy sources.

However, electrification rates are currently less than five percent, and limited progress has been made in the development and implementation of robust, long term sustainable energy installations. This lack of access is not an easy issue to address considering the relatively small and sparsely scattered population and the high levels of seasonal mobility fundamental to the regional pastoral economy.

In partnership with the Turkana Basin Institute (TBI), SOSAED will pilot a solar-powered productive use business center at the TBI Turkwel facility, which will be run in collaboration with a team of local community members.

Alongside this, we will undertake extensive capacity building activities, providing access to vocational training, solar competency development, funding sources and a suite of relevant legal and business information that might be utilized by those seeking to capitalize on SOSAED’s preliminary project to develop their own productive use enterprises.

We will also pursue extensive qualitative research in collaboration with social scientists and a broad range of local communities in order to build a richer understanding of the dynamics of knowledge transfer and proliferation that structure the processes of economic development contextualizing our work in Turkana.

We aim to contribute to Turkana’s sustainable growth at this critical juncture in its history by supporting new industries and enterprises for a diversified economy, and strengthening a new generation of traders, entrepreneurs and leaders.

We are currently fundraising for this effort, please feel free to contact us for further information.