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Our Vision & Goal

Sustainable Solutions for Off-grid African Economic Development

There are many ways in which access to reliable energy can drastically improve a population’s quality of life and well-being, these range from its direct impact on healthcare and education, to its facilitation of broad economic activities, domestic consumption and more expansive communication networks.

It is therefore of no small consequence that more than one billion people across the globe do not have such access, and that two thirds of them are in rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa. 

In the absence of reliable power, particularly in marginalized areas, SOSAED is working to find renewable solutions to the substantial barriers that obstruct local aspirations and ambitions without seeking to compel drastic transformations to the dynamics of day-to-day life.

We have developed a strategy to facilitate the use of solar energy in a productive manner as a means of creating goods and services that will generate income for local communities. Off-grid, ‘Productive Use’ approaches to economic development and rural electrification comprise a significantly under-explored avenue for development, particularly in areas with low population density.

Following our first pilot, our long-term goal is to promote a self-sustaining network of business centers with complementary industrial activities and a shared infrastructure for information dissemination. We aim to contribute to sustainable growth by supporting new industries and enterprises for a diversified economy, and strengthening a new generation of traders, entrepreneurs and leaders.